The Time Is Now

Consolidation in the dental industry is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. The solo dental practitioner is having to compete against equity-backed corporate chains and DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) who have virtually unlimited resources to actively compete against you. As this consolidation continues and competition drives down profits, valuations for solo practices may start to decline. You don’t want to wait until the monetized value of your practice hits rock bottom. You can sell to or partner with someone who will use economies of scale to allow the solo dental practice to substantially decrease expenses and operate a more stream-lined practice, allowing you to effectively compete against larger organizations. In addition, you went to dental school so that you could help patients, not to run a cumbersome business that seems to become more annoying and convoluted every year; you spend too much time dealing with staff, legal, billing, accounting, compliance, and marketing issues, and all of the other daily headaches that come with owning and running a business. Let us take this headache from you and allow you to focus on dentistry.

Don’t waste any more time – the time to act is now. We have 2 main options to choose from that will allow you to immediately cash in on the value of your practice.

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