How We Help

Option 1

-You continue practicing the same great dentistry like you always have.

-We become your silent partner, buying either all of your practice, or just a portion of it.

-You leave the daily business headaches, like HR, payroll, accounting, marketing, and compliance, to us.

Option 2

-You’re ready to retire and don’t plan on working anymore. You’re ready to step out and enjoy the profits of your years of hard work.

-No problem – We buy your practice and put a great dentist in place to continue the legacy of great dentistry at your practice.

-Selling directly to us eliminates the need for a listing agent, saving both us and you lots of money.

You choose which option fits your plans; we individualize each arrangement to meet the doctor’s transition goals.

No matter which option is right for you, be confident that Pinnacle Dental Partners has the people and the systems in place to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible. This means that the legacy of great dentistry that you started many years ago is in good hands far into the future.