What We Do

  1. We buy all or a portion of your practice –
    You decide which path is right for you
    1. Option 1

      • We become your silent partner
      • You continue practicing great dentistry like you always have
      • You leave the business headaches to us
    2. Option 2

      • You’re ready to retire and don’t plan on working anymore
      • No problem – We buy your practice and put a great dentist in place
      • No listing agent to pay commissions to = more $$ in your pocket

Welcome To
Pinnacle Dental Partners

The dental market is changing. Consolidation among dental practices is accelerating and there are many options in transition structures.

Pinnacle Dental Partners is dentist-owned. We’ve been in the trenches. We know what dentists need to be successful. We can help propel your dental practice to the next level by becoming your silent partner. We purchase either 100% or a portion of your dental practice; if you choose to continue working after the sell, that’s great for both of us. If instead you would rather step out and enjoy the fruits of your labor, we will put in place a great dentist who will continue the legacy of great dentistry at your practice.

Don’t hesitate. Valuations for dental practices may be at an all-time high. Take this opportunity to secure your financial future, while also partnering with someone who can help your practice reach new heights.

We Value Large Practices With A Focus On Quality Dentistry

By Dentists, For Dentists

We’ve been where you are. We can relate to your headaches and your struggles. Partner with someone who knows what it takes to run a successful practice and take it to the next level.

We Allow You To Continue Providing Quality Dentistry The Way You Always Have

If you choose to continue practicing, you’ll have the opportunity to continue the legacy of great dentistry at your office, a legacy of great patient care and quality clinical skills.

Don’t Necessarily Sell To The Highest Bidder

If someone is offering you a lot of money, that may mean that they intend to push the dental office’s staff and dentists to produce more and more, possibly leading to burn out and resentment. Sell to the right bidder, not necessarily the highest bidder.

Valuations May Be At An All-Time High

Cash in on your life’s work and also continue working at your practice with a new partner who is invested in your growth and continuation.